Cadmin is here to help with users and administrators of software such as Pro/INTRALINK and Pro/ENGINEER. Just a place to gather and store any useful tips, information and tricks with you so you find it easier to use these types of software.

Using CAD is great, as you can get so much done so quickly and the quality is often very good too! It often helps Dave make our lives easier, and sending finished works over to colleges or other companies which yours is working with, by doing the work in CAD it will ensure the quality won’t be lost in transit. However when there is a technical glitch… you might feel like you won’t meet that deadline and start freaking out. Don’t worry! A lot of the times a minor problem can be easily solved relatively quickly, so you don’t have to panic about missing that important deadline. It’s often only serious if your computer suddenly dies without even bidding you farewell. Ok so the last part isn’t true, but usually gettting IT Support to take a look with get you back on track in no time.

Most types of programs can be temperamental due to one thing or another, but if it’s not serious enough to call for IT Support, then you can try to just save the document you’re working on, and just keep you’re finger on the power button which will force shut down. Reboot et voila! The program will have unfrozen!

Another thing which could make your computer crash is if you are pushing it to work too hard. For example if you have too many programs opened, or have too many tabs open in the internet browser. Your computer will be striving to meet your demands, but it will get hot and eventually it may just die… i.e suddenly shuts down. No need to panic, just let the battery cool down and it will be ok to switch back on.

That’s the tip for today folks. Stay tuned for more tips and info to come in the near future.

Engineering works can be difficult because it involves great focus and precision. One mistake could create a great impact on a project. This could result on improving the area of mistake or starting the project all over again.
When technology was not yet being used in engineering, things were more difficult, the span of time in finishing projects were longer. But now, in the advent of technology such as CAD, AutoCAD and other engineering softwares, the works of the engineers become faster and easier. For the younger engineers who are into technology, they could easily cope with the usage of the latest technology in their profession whereas the older generation of engineers did not have an easy time with the adjustment.

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Whatever softwares these different businesses or professionals are using in their everyday activities, still the most important thing is accuracy. These are just softwares and the success of its use greatly depends on the user.

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