Build codes

Build Codes
Last update: 05-Dec-06 – IE: THIS IS PRETTY OUT-OF-DATE now… input welcome ūüôā

After seeing the countless questions and comments about various Pro/E builds around the web, I decided to do this summary of build codes gleaned from experience,¬†PTC KDB updates,¬†PTC/USER exploders¬†& forums like¬†MCAD Central¬†(shown here in “quotes”).

These can help you select a build code, but there’s no substitute for getting the program installed and¬†testing it yourself. At least we’ll help you avoid some of the turkeys…

Add your own comments (like Andrew, Bruce + Ben have done) : ed [at] cadmin [dot] co [dot] uk

We take no responsibility for any issues caused by builds listed here: PTC can keep that privilege.

Resources¬†|¬†What’s new in WF3?¬†|¬†Road test: feels more like 2.1

M040The best of the WF3 builds yet… – Ed
“So far in my testing, M040 is looking like a decent build… so far” – exploder
“I’ve been doing a lot of testing today on M040 and it seems much better than M030. It only took 5 datecodes for them to get a version I might actually put in production!” – exploder
“On M040, we still have 5 crashes/user a day. Better, but still far too much. Most of the crashes are when working in sketcher, and when the user is rotating or shifting the model. In sketcher, some ‘Sections have become unstable’ ??” – Hugo on exploder
M030“On M030, we had 30 crashes/user a day, on M040, we still have 5 crashes/user a day.” – Hugo on exploder
“We are running WF3 M030 with hardly any problems. We rarely crash. We use Pro/Manufacturing, Pro/Mechanica and Reverse Engineering with no problems.” – Dami√°n on exploder
M020BOM Balloon issue: WF2 M210, WF3 M020 – resolved in WF3 M040
“We are currently using Wildfire 3 M020 and Intralink 8 M020 and are experiencing a lot of ProE crashing.” – Kelley on exploder
M010Read my opinion of the new features…
Compatible with Intralink 3.4 M030 after a tweak –¬†
WF3 M010 РPoor performance in assembly due to wireframes  РSolved WF4 !!
F000Can’t redefine Mechanism constraints without license¬†¬†– fixed WF3 M020

Resources¬†|¬†What was new for WF2…

M210Fixed some problems with assembly drawings, evident in WF2 M160 – Edbug with dbl-click dims, SPR 1194341 – fixed M220?
BOM Balloon issue: WF2 M210, WF3 M020 – resolved in WF3 M040
M200Released April 2006 – fixed several issues, including problem with Dim Bounds + Flexibility
M190Available on CD + from PTC.comIssue with TIFFs  Рfixed in M200 (Thanks to Tony Stevens on exploder)
Drawings: Model Tree shows wrong model  Рfixed WF2 M220
M181You wait all this time and two come along at once! M181 is a slight revision to M180, helping diagnose issues.¬†Read more…¬†Issue with TIFFs¬†¬†– fixed in M200
Memory Warning Dialog 
M180M180 is now available via download + CD
If you believe the data (hype?), it looks to be the best build yet
Issue with TIFFs  Рfixed in M200
PDMLink checkin issues  (2GB limit), resulting in corrupt workspaces Рfixed WF2 M210
M171AKA M170
UDFs + External symbols 
Spinning models  Рfixed in M180 (Thanks to Andrew Foster of PDS NZ)
Solves many bugs from WF1… one of the better recent builds
Compared to M120, 54 bugs solved
FlexLM v10.8 for 64bit 
2001 notes  Рfixed in WF3 (Thanks to Bruce Rowits of Tyco) [Clarification from PTC via exploder Рonly geom tol notes]
“File-Backup problem… simple assemblies can take a minute or more, while other builds take seconds” (Thanks to Ben Loosli of Integrated Systems)
18 new issues since M120 – all appeared in M130/140 and most get solved in WF3
Our opinion : Best current build = 3.3 M022
3.4 M030Compatible with Wildfire 3.0 after tweak –¬†Read more…¬†Security Patch error¬†
3.4 M020Some fixes for M01* bugs:
System Tablespace 
Space report 
Issue with dbstart_ilink 
3.4 M010Solves issue with previews¬†Problem with checkins, etc…¬†
“Locate can cause high CPU usage + lock-up”
“Other issues with Oracle upgrade / uninstalling previous versions”
Some users are saying to stay away from this version…
3.4 F000/F001“issue with memory and resources… 2 – 3 times more usage”
Locate running slow РSQL hack suggested  Рfixed M020
3.3 M022“the happening build…”
Blog link – upgrade to M022
Required for Wildfire 2
Mouse scroll works now!
Doesn’t support WinNT
Hash files created in vault  Рfixed in 3.4 M010 (safe to remove them, not referenced by database)
3.3 M021Required for Wildfire 2
Mouse scroll works now!
M022 is a more stable build than this
Doesn’t support WinNT
Hash files created in vault  Рfixed in 3.4 M010 (safe to remove them, not referenced by database)