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Family Table Verify

It’s always better to VERIFY your family table instances before checking them into your file management system. This ensures that all instances can regenerate properly.

Intralink shows an extra icon for instances that are not verified (see fig).
Usually, you’ll want to prevent checkin of these (but there’s a Preferences option from Pro/I 3.3 M021 that’ll allow you to allow/deny them…)

You also have this related Wildfire config.pro option:
verify_on_save_by_default yes
which allows Wildfire to verify unverified instances during a save operation.

Verifying a family table after changes usually takes a few clicks all over the screen, ie:

  • Tools | Family Table
  • Hit the Verify Tick Button
  • Verify, Close then OK

It’s useful to have a shortcut for this process, as it can get quite repetitive (you’ll have to verify before saving any changes). Try using the mapkey combination shown below: FTV, and/or make it into a toolbar button to quickly verify family tables.